placeholderThe Greek Orthodox Church of Our Saviour in Rye, New York, was originally designed to feature the iconography that traditionally graces the walls of Orthodox Christian churches throughout the world. Members of the congregation joined together to live up to a very sacred theology by installing vibrant iconography that was prayerfully rendered by Dimitrios Mourlas.

The choice of an iconographer was a decision taken very seriously. But after watching Dimitrios at work, Father Alias knew without a doubt that their choice was the right one.

“He didn’t think anyone was watching him. So he would stroke the canvas, stop and look at it, and fix and do what he was doing, and then he’d do his cross, and then he’d continue…I saw faith. I saw humility, a dedicated worker for the glory of God…He wasn’t doing it for business, he wasn’t doing it for the money or to make a living for his family, he was doing it because he considered himself a steward or minister of the gospel, a preacher of the gospel, because that’s what he’s doing. He’s writing the gospel of Christ.” – Father Elias G. Villis

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