Our Supporters


We partnered with the Orthodox Christian Network, one of the leading internet-based communication platforms for Orthodox Christians in the world. The goal was to share our touching film with the Orthodox world and beyond, and it has been hugely successful. To further engage our audience, MiB Mediaworks created a 9-part web series, The Art of Belief, and OCN created “Inspired by PISTEVO” web content on saints and martyrs for their website and social media platforms. These projects have helped to fulfill OCN’s mission and vision, which is to strengthen Orthodox communities and to inspire the faithful everywhere, and to bring PISTEVO “I Believe” to countless people across the globe.


We are excited to be partnering with Paul Kotrotsios and the Hellenic News of America. The Hellenic News has been connecting and engaging the Greek-American and Phil-Hellenic communities since 1987. Together, we will work to engage Greek churches to inspire them to also fulfill their iconography missions like the Greek Orthodox Church of Our Saviour. Through this partnership with the Hellenic News, we will host events in the Tri-State Area the next few months, and PISTEVO “I Believe” will be a sponsor.

Our Contributors

church-thumbnailWhen starting this project, we had never imagined the support that would emanate from the community and fellow organizations. The movie evokes different perspectives of the Greek culture, pictorial depiction religious inspiration, and art forms that are appreciated for the talent and methodology to which they are created.

Much like the liturgy of the faith, the movie evokes an awakening of the senses and provides an understanding of the spiritual purpose behind Orthodox Christian Iconography.

If you have an interest in joining our journey to support Iconography, we would like to hear from you. Click Here.

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