The documentary film, PISTEVO “I Believe”, tells the vibrant story of faith within the community of the Greek Orthodox Church of Our Saviour, in Rye, NY, as they worked together to complete their mission of iconography.

We’ve received an overwhelming response from viewers of the film, who have been inspired by those efforts.

The outpouring of viewer support was so magnificent that we would like to share with you some of those emails and letters, which express the gratitude and support of many people, not only from Rye, but from around the world.

Wow, what an amazing transformation you helped bring about! I hope you’ll allow yourself a brief moment of pride (or at least joy) at all that you and your group accomplished.

Dana Bliss, friend of George Zimmar

For me, the icons are a reminder that it’s not my church to do with as I please; it’s THEIR church – all those saints who suffered and persevered so that the Church would be here for me…

David Hicks, friend of George Zimmar

Your mother forwarded to me the beautiful video on your church iconography. I was very impressed and inspired by it…. You are an amazing person – your spirituality showed through when you were speaking. I’m so glad you are so strong and involved in our religion.

Mary Cerniglia, aunt of Robert Augustinos

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